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Acting on my personal or professional behalf 


Allow Trust Influencer SARL, its agents and its partners having the rights as photography and video for communication service  of the event Influencer Awards Monaco in Monaco.


Which is taking place every year


This authorization give the possibility  for Trust Influencer SARL 

To modify the photos or videos as it deems appropriate, including editing, technical modifications and text inserts, or the removal of any element from the photos or videos at the initial fixing of my image. Trust Influencer SARL will be able to include the rights to reproduce, distribute, transform and communicate to the public, for their use in any known or unknown media and/or format. I expressly accept that the content of such photos and videos may be combined with other images, texts, graphics, videos, audio files and audio-visual works, and that it may be cut, altered or modified.


This authorisation is valid for use :


  • For a period of : 10 years,

  • On the territories: worldwide

  • On all tangible and intangible media, in all formats known or unknown today, and especially, without this list being exhaustive : paper support  (commercial brochures ), catalogues and various editions, CDROM / DVDROM and other digital media known and unknown today, any audiovisual support, especially cinema, TV and by all means inherent in this mode of communication, internet (including Intranet, Extranet, Blogs, social media, all reception vectors combined (smartphones, tablets, etc.), media press (tele commercials, cinematographic advertising), internal media communication, promotional materials (PLV, ILV, poster campaigns worldwide, all sizes and on all supports (urban, airports, stations, public transport, etc…), supports for sale  (merchandising products : postal cards, posters, T-shirts, etc.), right of integration into another work / multimedia work.


I guarantee not to be bound by any agreement with a third party, of any kind, having the object or effect of limiting or preventing the implementation of this authorization.


This authorization to exploit my image rights is granted free of charge.

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