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Welcome to NASCH. 


Founded in 2015, NASCH is specialised in luxury handbags and accessories.


NASCH was born out of passion for uniqueness, which is reflected in all products. 

A bag is a permanent, trustworthy companion through life, and therefore deserves much love and attention to detail.


The company is founded on the characteristics of quality, aesthetics and individualism, which are deeply rooted into the company. The name NASCH stands for the initial letters of the first and last name of the founder Natascha Schreiegg.


A central part of NASCH design is the fan, which can be mysterious, playful and attractive, but also protective. It shields from the negative and only allows the positive in – a perfect companion during your day. The fan plays an essential part in the design process of NASCH and is also reflected in the company’s visual identity.


Besides the smart design and high quality - thanks to an end to end manufacturing of every product by hand in Italy - Natascha Schreiegg also chooses the materials used in all products very selectively. 



Mesh was once reserved for royal houses and was to be worn only on special occasions. Almost every European Royal House – and nowadays also the Arab Royal House – is in possession of bags using Royal Mesh.


Queen Elizabeth II has carried Mesh textured bags on numerous receptions. The actress Grace Kelly – also known as Gracia Patricia, Princess of Monaco – owned several bags with Mesh textures. 


Today, you can have a piece of royal life by purchasing a NASCH bag and become a part of the NASCH Family.


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