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Sweet Inn is a travel tech company founded in 2014. Based in Europe, the company offers beautifully decorated and centrally located apartments outfitted to reflect the neighborhood vibe. The private apartments are outfitted with the comforts and amenities that until recently were only associated with high-end hotels such as: dedicated concierge, speedy WiFi, hotel bedding and towels, luxury bathroom amenities - as well as options for à la carte services like airport transfers, housekeeping, breakfast delivery and more. Sweet Inn has taken the best of both worlds, combining the freedom and local experience popularized by Airbnb with the consistency of a Hilton hotel room.


In keeping with the times, our accommodation is safe and clean and doesn’t include packed lobbies or crowded elevators. We have expanded on our industry-leading cleaning standards with the launch of an updated health and cleanliness program; Stay Safe.


Operating in major cities and with a unique vision of the future, Sweet Inn is becoming the leading brand in the smart travel category. You can manage your entire travel experience directly from our app. Get inspired, browse our apartments and book your top choice. Check yourself into your apartment using the smart lock or book local guides and exciting experiences on the app.

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